BHH Summit 2021

Agenda 2021
Panel: Liquid hospital: How the Care is Evolving in the Hospital Setting

The concept of liquid hospital refers to the evolution of the care within and beyond the traditional hospital setting. The concept of hospital as we have known it for many years is evolving leveraging new technologies to expand the care while creating a more collaborative care involving the patients, their care team and their family.
In this panel, we will discuss how we can expand the care outside of the hospital walls through telemedicine, remote monitoring or home care while focusing the resources of the hospital on the more serious cases; how the concept of liquid hospital has been affecting the patients’ care and how we can overcome its current limits.

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Keynote Jennifer Horonjeff
Panel: The Patient Journey: Putting the Person in the Driver’s Seat

Healthcare has been shifting from curing sick people to keeping them healthy as long as possible, by focusing on prevention and value based care. People are also better equipped with technology tools making wellness and care accessible when and where they want to and personalized to them.
In this panel, we will discuss the empowerment of the citizen-patients and the impact of this shift in mentality as well as the use of technology on the lives of both the citizens focused on their wellbeing and keeping healthy and the patients suffering from a chronic condition requiring regular medical attention.

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Panel: Making the Most of Data to Ensure the Best Health Outcomes

We are collecting more and more health data every year. Each of us is a great source of data and a potential data donor. Those data can play a key role in empowering healthcare professionals to make better decisions, researchers to make progress identifying new treatments for patients or new diseases, all of this resulting in better health outcomes. Nonetheless those data are often protected, not accessible by those who need it or not of good enough quality.
In this panel, we will discuss the importance of using data to advance healthcare and how we can make the flow of data more accessible with concepts like OpenEHR or data economy as

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