#BHHInterview with Adeslas

Today, Barcelona Health Hub wants to present one of the companies that are attending the #BHHSummit; SegurCaixa Adeslas, which tell us about their company and what they are looking forward to discover at the #BHHSummit on October 2022.

Can you please tell us about your company?

SegurCaixa Adeslas is the leading health insurer in Spain. Through its brand Adeslas it has a market share close to 30 %. Part of the Grupo Mutua Madrileña and partly owned by CaixaBank, the company is also number 1 in accident insurance and a major player in multi-risk (leader in retail and second in home). Last year the insurer earned 4.156 million euros in premiums, of which 2,960 million euros were for health insurance. 

Why did you decide to join the #BHHSummit about Solving Real Challenges in Healthcare? 

We felt that SegurCaixa Adeslas had to be at the #BHHSummit to show the contribution of health insurance to meeting the challenges faced by the healthcare sector. As market leader, the company is committed to constructing a new model to create value for its policyholders. 

How does your company solve those real challenges in healthcare? What solutions do you propose?

The company has set out to meet its clients’ health needs in a global way, to cover every stage in their lives. This long-term commitment explains its efforts to promote good habits, which benefit the policyholder before a health problem emerges. The culture of prevention benefits everybody. It makes it possible to delay or prevent the appearance of pathologies and, when they do appear, the client has more abilities and tools to cope with chronic illnesses or acute episodes and improve their health outcomes. The company also benefits from this strategy, as it can make more efficient use of its resources and boost progress towards precision medicine.

How does digital health factor into your solutions?

Digital health plays a central part in SegurCaixa Adeslas‘ strategy to move on in a new relationship with the policyholder. From a care point of view, new technologies allow faster, simpler and more convenient access to services. They also open up opportunities to progress in tailoring services to each person’s health needs and condition. Empowering the client leads to more responsible behaviour and a better state of health. 

From the point of view of policy management, expanding self-service options boosts convenience and the client experience. Moreover, digitalisation offers the opportunity to simplify processes and do things using any device, at the best time for the client.

What are you excited about in the #BHHSummit?

For us, attending the BHH Summit is a great opportunity to forge closer links with major players in the field of innovation. After carrying out some joint projects with start-ups, we are open to companies with promising projects, to explore new initiatives and to combine potential. In a sector as complex as health, we realise that collaboration between companies is a highly promising way to move forward faster and further.

Despite the great steps taken recently, we have only seen the beginning of digital health. We are advancing inexorably towards a value-based model, in which consumers will reward companies that offer them proximity, support and increasingly agile, efficient services with their confidence. SegurCaixa Adeslas is forging alliances in order to pioneer opening up a field with enormous possibilities.

Learn more about SegurCaixa Adeslas during the on-site event on October 26th! Reserve your seat here.