Panel: Bringing Value to the Health Insurance Industry

Discover more about the panel “Bringing Value to the Health Insurance Industry” at the next edition of the #BHHSummit on October 26th. Health insurance companies have been adopting digital health solutions to provide a better healthcare experience to their members. Learn how to collaborate from their success stories and vision on this panel!

Moderator Pascal Lardier of éditohealth will talk with Rubén González González of Adeslas, Omar Najid of Docline and Pedro Diaz Yuste of Savia to discuss the current digital challenges for the health insurance industry.

Don’t miss this panel LIVE in the afternoon session of the #BHHSummit on October 26th, powered by BHH member Adeslas. Come to Barcelona, learn how to solve real challenges in healthcare and make new valuable connections. Be sure to reserve your seat here!