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Coffee Session – The Collider: customised deep tech solutions for corporations
The Collider is an innovation programme of Mobile World Capital Barcelona that makes tech transfer between science, the market and society possible. We connect scientific and business talent to create new innovative and technological startups, that address the challenges of various industries, including the health sector. We believe that collaboration is inherently linked to innovation. That is why we have developed a system to connect the demands of corporations with the solutions that are already being developed in universities and research centres that are best suited to their challenges. During the session we will explain the programme and our methodology that allows us to respond to the challenges of industry and society through technology transfer. We will also explain the benefits of the program for corporations and how they can participate in the next edition of the program.

Lunch Session – The Collider Portfolio: presentation of deep tech solutions
At The Collider we have been focusing on the potential of collaboration between researchers and entrepreneurs for some years. In the last 4 editions, we have worked with more than 100 research groups and entrepreneurs around the world to create deep tech startups that can revolutionize the healthcare industry. Our Demo Day is an opportunity to discover startups with a powerful technological base and scalable solutions. * RheoDx: Precise and portable invitro device that immediately diagnoses haematological diseases with a single blood drop. * Pharmacelera: A software for drug discovery that builds precise molecular models and hardware accelerators to execute these models efficiently. * Exheus: RNA Analysis powered by AI that allowes accurate examination of metabolic pathways and personalised recomendadions for each individual. * Mental XR: Innovative software solutions for the diagnose and treatment of neurocognitive diseases in children such as FASD (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome).

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